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Jazz Vic-Tory питомник английских бульдогов
Isabel Greysful Leal


d.b. 04.07.2013



Pedigree of

Rembombory Boom Rembombory Trichet Ch, Int Ch, World Ch San Simon Bulls Gastón Rembombory Regal
San Simon Bulls Star Bocatta
Rembombory Madonna The Hopis Bullet
Rembombory Triana
Joyal-Melody Miurabulls Gress at Vaqueros Merriveen Make My Day Ch, World Ch


Miurabulls Witness Faithful World Ch, Esp Ch
Rembombory Diadem Rembombory Romeo
Rembombory Love Story
Felissa Shetelein Wencar Touch of Class Wencar Touch of Gold Esclusham Golden Chimes of Wencar

Wencar Little Crystal
Boatswain Carmelina at Wencar Wencar Golden Chance
Wencar Red Crystal
Lunniy Svet Elona Skandi Sunrise


Moonlight Monarch Cockney Scallywag Of Samsted
Ambition Reflection
Lulu Dzeri Hainz Tall Taills Hez To Snazzy
Simona Petal
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Pedigree of







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